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Troop 418 Backpacking Turtle Campout – Zaleski State Forest

April 24, 2021 @ 5:30 am – April 25, 2021 @ 3:00 pm
Zaleski State Forest

2021 Troop 418 'PseudoTurtle" Backpacking Adventure

Estimated Depart: 

Saturday, April 24, 2021, 5:30 AM – Hilliard Presbyterian Church

Estimated Return: 

Sunday, April 25, 2021, 3 PM – Ackerman Eye Center, 4555 Cemetery Road, Hilliard

Cost:  To be determined after campout.  


This is a high-adventure backpacking event!  Scouts/Adults must have the ability to carry all personal AND some patrol gear for a total of approximately 20 miles (10 miles first day and 10 miles second day). Backpacks most likely will weigh up to 30 to 40 pounds with gear and food.

Scouts and Scouters alike will be carrying all the gear (personal and crew) on the trek. The general recommendation for weight being carried is 1/5 to ¼ of their body weight for youth and ¼ to 1/3 of their body weight for adults and older Scouts.  It is strongly recommended that you participate in troop prep hikes before The Turtle. Exercise and conditioning before the trek is very important. 

What to Bring:  

  • BSA Permission Slip – signed (


A good personal equipment list can be found at  The Troop will supply the some of the crew gear on this list, as we will need to create a backpack/trail food menu.

Some tips: 

  • Clothing: Avoid cotton clothing if possible. If you have a backpacking stove, let us know.
  • Backpack: Capacity to carry gear – See Philmont link. If you do not have a backpack, please let us know.  A good rule of thumb is >=65 L for this trip, but >=80 L is best for long-term future commitment to backpacking with our Troop (e.g., Philmont or Dolly Sods).
  • Tent: Individual lightweight 1 or 2 person backpacking tent is ideal. Please let us know if you do not have a small tent. We will need to follow COVID rules for sleeping, so it will likely be one Scout per tent.
  • Water: Fill all water bottles/hydration bladders (Camelbacks) before departure.
  • Boots: A good pair of hiking books, broken in. Please make sure they are waterproofed.
  • COVID gear for the campsite.
  • Rain gear: At least bring a poncho. Full rain suits (FrogToggs) can be nice, as well as waterproof raincoats. Be aware that water-repellent means just that and can become waterlogged with significant rain.  Stay dry!

NOTE ON GEAR: Backpacking equipment doesn’t need to be expensive, new, or stylish. Secondhand gear is often just fine. Backpacking gear can be expensive. The troop, family, or friends might have a pack, tent, and other items you can borrow until you are able to get equipment of your own. However, it is important to have basic gear that will do the job in the conditions we can potentially face. This trek will be a learning experience for all, especially for those who are new to backpacking.  

Other Considerations:

  • Weather – Cold evenings and rainy days are possible. Please use layering clothing system and if possible refrain from cotton clothing. 
  • Backpack Weight: Please take only what you need! Less is more when it comes to backpacking.
  • Exercise & Conditioning: Commitment to being in shape is important. 
  • Personal Fitness Merit Badge is a plus!
  • 3 L water carrying capacity needed

Backpacking: Training Tips and Exercises

Questions?  Please feel free to contact us.

Adult Leaders in Charge (Troop 418):

  • Mr. Morris: 614-563-2902 
  • Mr. Walczak: 614-743-6718

Although backpacking can appear intimidating with all the information, if you come prepared and know the expectations, it will be an absolutely amazing experience!  Hope you can make it! This is going to be a fun and exciting adventure!


Mr. Morris and Mr. Walczak


  • RSVP NOW —  If you are interested (or considering) in participating in The Turtle Campout, PLEASE RSVP here in TroopTrack ASAP so that we know who will be going. The Troop will use the RSVP list to help plan and communicate Turtle Preparation Meetings as well as prep hikes.

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